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BES Electrical Services is your trusted partner for comprehensive commercial fire alarm and security system services in Colorado Springs and El Paso County. Our specialized team is dedicated to providing top-quality safety and security solutions. From fire alarm installation to security system wiring and security camera setup, we ensure your property remains secure. Discover how BES Electrical Services can enhance the safety of your business.

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Safety and Security Equipment Electrician for Your Commercial Property.

Securing your business is a top priority. At BES Electrical Services, we offer expert solutions tailored to your needs, including:

  • Fire Alarm Installation and Services: Our team specializes in installing and maintaining fire alarm systems that meet local safety regulations, ensuring your property and employees are protected.
  • Security System Installation: Trust our experienced electricians to design and install cutting-edge security systems that safeguard your premises against unauthorized access and potential threats.
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Trusted Commercial Electricians for Fire Alarm Wiring and Security Systems.

When it comes to fire alarm wiring, security system installation, and security cameras, BES Electrical Services is the local expert you can rely on. Our services include:

  • Fire Alarm Wiring: Our skilled electricians are trained in fire alarm wiring, ensuring these critical systems are correctly installed and functional.
  • Security Camera Installation: Enhance your property’s security with strategically placed security cameras. Our experts set up and configure systems that provide real-time monitoring and protection.
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Illuminate Your Business with Expert Security Lighting.

Security lighting is a crucial element in deterring potential threats and ensuring a safe environment. BES Electrical Services offers comprehensive security lighting services, including:

  • Installation: We design and install security lighting systems that illuminate your property’s vulnerable areas, discouraging intruders.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Our team performs routine maintenance and timely repairs to keep your security lighting in optimal working condition.
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Enhance Safety with Professional Electrical Installations.

A safe business environment is essential. BES Electrical Services offers a range of safety-focused electrical installations, including:

  • Emergency Lighting: We install emergency lighting systems that guide occupants to safety during power outages or emergencies.
  • Exit Signs: Our team sets up illuminated exit signs, ensuring clear evacuation pathways in case of emergencies.

Ready to fortify your business’s safety with advanced fire alarm and security system services? Contact BES Electrical Services today to discuss your needs. Our expert team is committed to providing top-quality solutions that enhance your property’s security and protect your assets. Secure your business with BES Electrical Services today!

Justin Perlman
Justin Perlman
Installed our oven hood into our quartz backsplash. Great work! Very prompt and professional. Highly recommend
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Aimee Geisha
Thank you!
Roche-a-cris Cumming
Roche-a-cris Cumming
Very professional and friendly service!!! Definitely recommend!
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Michelle Abelmalek
Bellino Top Notch Electrical Company. Extremely throughout and responsive. GEts the job done right . thank you again
Rocky Mountain Laser College
Rocky Mountain Laser College
They came out when they said they would, did a good job and I am very happy with the results, thanks.