Circuit Breaker Box

Installation & Maintenance

As a homeowner, it’s important to understand the four main types of electrical panels in your house. The main breaker panel serves as the centerpiece, regulating electricity consumption through circuit breakers. Fuse boxes utilize small fuses to prevent circuit overload. Main lug panels eliminate the need for a main breaker with line wires running directly into lugs. Finally, subpanels receive energy through a specific circuit connected to the main panel. By understanding these types of panels, you can ensure your home’s electrical system is safe and efficient.

Breaker Box Services.

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BES Electric Services prides itself on core values, professionalism, reliability, and integrity with the commitment to customer satisfaction and assisting in keeping homeowners safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

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We offer trustworthy electrical services to businesses and homeowners all across Colorado Springs Co. Our team assists families with a variety of electrical projects, such as subpanel upgrades and replacements as well as general electrical panel upgrades and replacements. We promise your complete satisfaction because we care about you, your house, and your safety. Your electrical jobs will be finished quickly and effectively with the help of our highly qualified, certified, and licensed electricians. You can rely on us to do the work correctly the first time.

Electrical panel upgrades in Colorado Springs that are dependable and effective. All of your home’s electrical circuits are distributed from your electrical panel, which serves as the brain of your home’s electrical system. If the electrical panel in your home is broken or out of date, it could be time to replace it. An experienced electrician should upgrade the electrical panel. Your current electrical panel can be replaced with the assistance of our highly qualified, knowledgeable, and licensed expert troubleshooters. Get in touch with us right away if you want emergency electrical assistance. Every single day of the year, we are accessible!

You should carry out routine maintenance on your home’s electrical service panel if you want to keep it safe. Your electrical service panel might suffer greatly from excessive dust and rust. The panel will be examined by an electrician who will look for corrosion and wear-and-tear as well as check all necessary connections. A qualified electrician will also perform a thermal check to look for excessive temperatures that can point to an electrical issue. Your electrical service panel may require maintenance or replacement if:

  • The circuit breaker often trips.
  • On the panel, there are hot or warm spots.
  • Around the unit, rust or mold is developing.
  • The interior of the panel is dirty.

You might need to add an electrical subpanel if you want to add a new circuit to an electrical panel that already exists but don’t have enough room for it. A reasonable substitute for purchasing a larger electrical panel is to add an electrical subpanel. An electrical subpanel is an addition to the main electrical panel’s electrical services. When you require a lot of energy, especially in the basement, garage, or other workplaces, these are helpful. When a family adds a new appliance, such as yard equipment, a hot tub, or other large devices, they frequently install an electrical subpanel.

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